Former Portsmouth Ukip candidate says Nigel Farage is ‘damaged goods’

Ukip leader Nigel Farage
Ukip leader Nigel Farage
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A FORMER Ukip parliamentary candidate for Portsmouth South has said the party leader Nigel Farage must go.

Douglas Denny, dropped from the Portsmouth South candidacy by the national party, said Mr Farage has an ‘aggressive shouty personality’ and has ‘had his day’.

It comes as Councillor Steve Hastings quit the party group at Portsmouth City Council, defecting to the Tories.

In a letter to a member of the party’s national executive committee, Mr Denny said: ‘Nigel has had his day.

‘He is to be thanked for taking Ukip to where it is now – but I assure you all my political instincts say he is definitely not the man to take it forwards into this new era where there is a referendum.’

He added: ‘To continue he will descend into acrimony and in-fighting within Ukip and ultimately be deposed, or Ukip become more and more irrelevant in British politics.

‘The public hate in-fighting in a party and it kills it in the public mind.’

Mr Farage has faced criticism from the public and his own party after saying he would resign but then resuming his post in just three days.

Mr Denny adds in the letter he is not aiming to be vindictiveness after being binned from his role last November.

He writes: ‘Nigel, with his aggressive shouty personality, is simply not the person to put the arguments cogently and assertively and quietly with authority – without appearing to be a right-wing bigot.

‘Like it or not Nigel does indeed appear to be a right- wing bigot, and puts off a large percentage of the people. That is why Ukip has never shaken off the image of being BNP-lite. He did not get in to Thanet because of this.’

But Mr Farage has hit back, saying Mr Denny criticised him when the party had less than one per cent of the votes and now again with three million votes.

He told The News: ‘Who is he? He’s a member of the public – so what?

‘There’s no in-fighting, I’ve never had greater support from the party membership.’

He added: ‘I thought I was a laugh, jokey, a bit of a comedian and a bit of a clown – you can’t have it both ways.’

‘He’s clutching at straws. This is somebody who has been rejected.’

Mr Farage added the party was talking about issues no-one else would and that is why it won a share of the vote.

Mr Denny resigned from Ukip in November last year after the decision was taken nationally to strip him of his parliamentary candidate role, without the consent of the local branch.