Former town councillor praises new association

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A FORMER Southsea town councillor has ruled out a return of the controversial body.

Linda Symes, who is preparing in May to compete for election to Portsmouth City Council, has said she believes the council will never be re-started after its dissolution on April 23 last year.

Ms Symes, who is standing for the Conservative party in the St Jude ward against Lib Dem Michael Andrewes and Labour candidate Craig Cameron, said: ‘I think the town council was a great idea and I fought to save it, but people didn’t want to spend the money on it. It’s been abolished and I don’t think it’ll be back.’

The council may not return, but a new body, The Southsea Association, has been set up to look after some of the area’s most prominent buildings and open spaces.

Ms Symes said: ‘The Association came about because of advice from the Friends of Old Portsmouth.

‘They said we could set it up on a subscription basis. It charges £10 per year and has plenty of members so far. It’s not political at all.

‘I have been a Tory city councillor but council leader Gerald Vernon-Jackson, a Lib Dem, is also a member.

‘It wouldn’t be right for such a body to be political. It’s just there to look after the things people in Southsea care about.

‘It’s not the town council, and it shouldn’t be. I know we all want it to do well.’

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