Free News debate will discuss AV tonight

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A FREE debate tonight will centre on whether the country should drop or stay with the current electoral system.

The News has organised a hustings debate, at which Peter Facey, of Yes To AV and Philip Cane, of the No To AV campaign will explain their views on the proposed change to the Alternative Vote sytem, and then answer questions from the audience.

The event starts at 7pm, at the University of Portsmouth’s Richmond Building Leture Theatre Two, Portland Street. It comes eight days before the referendum on May 5.

The referendum will ask if we should stick with First Past the Post, which sees one candidate elected if they win more votes than any other single candidate, regardless of whether more people vote for the others combined.

The alternative, AV, allows voters to number candidates in order of preference.

If nobody gets more than half of the first-choice votes, the lowest-ranked candidate drops out and their second-choice votes are added to those remaining until one candidate passes the 50 per cent mark.