General Election 2019: How people in Portsmouth North will be voting on December 12

As voters nationally prepare to take to the polls on December 12, residents in the Portsmouth North constituency have been considering what could swing their votes.

Thursday, 5th December 2019, 6:00 am
Updated Thursday, 5th December 2019, 3:26 pm

With QA Hospital in Cosham at the forefront of several minds, many wanted to see the NHS well funded, however the inevitable topic of Brexit was never far from people's minds.

For Beth Flynn, who uses a wheelchair after complications from giving birth, health services came first. The 34-year-old Wymering resident said: 'For me the NHS and services for the disabled are key and it's important they get the funding they need.

'I've seen first hand what underfunding means for services.'

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Portsmouth North voter Hugh Carpenter, from Drayton

Her partner, Jamie Youvell, 35, added: 'We are not thinking about Brexit, we are thinking about what each party is offering for the NHS and other services like the police. It seems like the Labour Party might prioritise these.'

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Paul Hayward, 65, who lives in the Portsmouth North area, said: 'I will definitely vote. It's important we have a say. It's all very well people moaning about it but if they don't vote they can't change things.

'Brexit is one of the main issues, we need to leave.

Portsmouth North voter Paul Hayward

'I will be voting Conservative and I have voted Conservative quite a few times.

'We have always said there is not enough for the younger people to do in Portsmouth North. I have lived here all my life and there is nothing for them to do.

'I am hoping Penny gets in again, I think she does a good job for the area.'

Drayton resident Hugh Carpenter, 69, urged people to use their votes. 'People should definitely vote,' he said.

'When I think that people in Hong Kong are willing to give up their lives in order to have a say I think it's disgraceful for anyone to not vote.

'The problem is I think Penny Mordaunt has done some good things for the city but should we vote for a person or for the party? It's a bit of a dilemma.

'I hope to see QA Hospital properly funded. I have to go to QA quite often as I've got older and I think more money most be spent on the NHS.

'I'm also concerned about the state of our libraries. What they offer us is amazing but I know a lot of them are purely run by volunteers.'

University of Portsmouth student Katie Goddard, 20, who lives in the north of the city agreed. She said: ‘The NHS is overstretched, there’s not enough funding.'

But Buckland resident, Ryan McCaffry, 35, said he would not be voting on December 12. He said: 'I think voting is a waste of time. All the government does is lie.

'We get all these students coming into the city - I have nothing against students - but there are all these homes for them and there's absolutely nothing for the homeless people. They don't care about them.

'There's also Brexit - I thought we would be out by Christmas. Stop just talking and take action.'