Give carers special parking permits says Portsmouth City Council opposition Tory leader Simon Bosher

SPECIAL parking permits should be issued to care workers, the new leader of Portsmouth City Council's Conservative group has said.

Wednesday, 6th October 2021, 5:54 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th October 2021, 4:42 pm
A call has been made to give carers special parking permits

Councillor Simon Bosher will propose a motion next week in response to difficulties faced by carers in working in residents' parking zone areas.

Backed by councillor Lewis Gosling, he will call on the council to introduce a scheme similar to those operated in Southampton and Brighton.

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‘Finding a parking space has long been challenging in many areas of Portsmouth,’ Cllr Bosher will say. ‘'Lockdown and the rise of homeworking is making this situation worse as fewer people are away at work during the day.

‘Domiciliary care workers have a crucial role in keeping people safe and well. As well as being a good thing in itself, this also helps reduce unnecessary hospital admissions.’

He will say that parking fines are a ‘routine hazard’ faced by carers and that, because a large proportion of care provided in the city is either procured or funded by the council, it has ‘a powerful incentive’ to support them.

‘Many carers struggle to find parking spaces, particularly in residents’ zones,' he will add. 'They often have to return to the same zone within the no-return period and often cannot find spaces. Violations result in fines and this soon becomes expensive.’

The motion will request the council looks at similar permit schemes in operation in Southampton, Brighton and parts of London and that one is brought forward for consideration at a future meeting.