Gosport Borough Council could take charities’ recycling cash

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GOSPORT’S council could soon take over textile recycling bins run by charities in the borough.

The potential move is being looked into by Councillor Derek Kimber, for the borough’s overview and scrutiny board.

There are 13 sites that have textile recycling bins on them run by nine different charities.

As reported, Fareham Borough Council was criticised after it planned to take 25 per cent of cash raised by removing charity bins and putting in their own.

Cllr Kimber said he is looking into the viability of Gosport council replacing charity bins with their own, but said it was important no charities lost out.

‘I’ve written to each of the charities asking what their tonnage was last year from our sites,’ he said. ‘The one thing we want to be sure of is, were we to change the system of picking this stuff up, we don’t want these charities to be out of pocket.

‘Once I know what their take was last year, I need to be able to say we can guarantee it next year, or the next two or three years.’

He added a lot of textile rubbish goes into black bins.

The council wants to reduce this as it could get more cash from the government and any firm running the scheme on its behalf.

Cllr Kimber said this cash could see the council bring back a grants scheme for local groups.

He said: ‘We would stop them doing it and would do it on their behalf and give them the money.

‘Hopefully there will be some left so that we can give back some to our own local people through community ventures.’

John Perry is chief executive of Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance, which is one of the charities that has bins.

He said: ‘We’re surprised to hear that the council is considering a change regarding textile recycling banks, as neither the charity, Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance, nor our recycling partner Bag It Up Ltd have been made aware of this.’

Cllr Peter Chegwyn, leader of the Liberal Democrat opposition at the Conservative-led council added: ‘I’d welcome anything that encourages recycling.

‘As a town we’re not doing as much as we should be to encourage recycling. Recent changes on waste sacks don’t help either.’