Gosport Borough Council election candidates

MPs will discuss cystic fibrosis drug during debate on Monday

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These are the candidates for the May elections to Gosport Borough Council

Jean Batterbury - Labour

Peter Edgar - Conservative


Belinda Baker - Labour

Alan Scard - Conservative

Bridgemary North

Lara Geddes - Conservative

Dennis Wright - Labour

Bridgemary South

Linda Batty - Labour

Chris Carter - Conservative

Adrian Tomlinson - Ukip


Alan Durrant - Labour and Co-operative Party

Dale Fletcher - Independent

Diane Furlong - Conservative

Austin Hicks - Lib Dem

Scott Myers - Ukip


Cathy Andrews - Ukip

Dawn Kelly - Lib Dems

Charis Noakes - Labour

Wayne Ronayne - Conservative


Sue Ballard - Lib Dems

Peter Batty - Labour

Debbie Grant - Conservative

Megan Parks - Ukip


Clive Foster-Reed - Lib Dems

Philip Raffaelli - Conservatives

Andrew Rice - Ukip

Luke Smith - Labour


Ed Goncalves - Lib Dems

Tony Jessop - Conservatives

Dave Smith - Labour


Roger Allen - Conservatives

Robin Young - Labour

Lee East

Piers Bateman - Conservative

James Fox - Labour

Lavinia Seymour - Ukip

Graham Smith - Green Party

Lee West

Christopher Carter - Conservatives

Stan Semour - Ukip

Jill Whitcher - Labour


Peter Chegwyn - Lib Dems

Zoe Huggins - Conservative

Michael Madgwick - Labour

Peel Common

Martyn Davis - Labour

Lynn Hook - Conservative

Paul Tomlinson - Ukip


Tim Apps - Ukip

Inge Forder - Conservative

Terance Robbins - Labour

Rowner and Holbrook

Kyle Allen - Labour

Patrick Bergin - Ukip

Tasha Hook - Conservative


June Cully - Labour

George McAleese - Conservative

David Tinman - Ukip