Gosport Borough Council election results

VICTORY Newly-elected 19-year-old Craig Hazel and Gosport MP Caroline Dinenage at the Gosport elections at Bridgemary School.  Picture: Ian Hargreaves
VICTORY Newly-elected 19-year-old Craig Hazel and Gosport MP Caroline Dinenage at the Gosport elections at Bridgemary School. Picture: Ian Hargreaves
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GOSPORT has elected another teenager after Craig Hazel won a narrow victory.

The 19-year-old, who works part-time in Waitrose in Gosport and recently completed studies at Fareham College, joins Christopher Carter who was elected aged 19 two years ago.

Gosport Borough Council Council now stands at 24 Tories, five Labour and five Lib Dem.

Cllr Hazel, a Conservative, won in the Elson ward by 28 votes from his Lib Dem challenger George Heaver.

He said: ‘I’m ecstatic. I’m trying to do the best for the area. That’s what matters to local people – they are the ones that voted me in and I want to do the best for them.’

Cllr Hazel said he thinks it’s important that youngsters get involved in local politics.

‘That’s something that I was trying to bring back,’ he said.

‘There’s not a lot of faith in politics. That’s something I would like to change. I am buzzing.

‘I had a campaign team lending me a helping hand when I needed it. I was the one who canvassed everyone.

‘It’s worth getting involved and getting out there and speaking to people.

‘You can’t sit in an office and tell people “I know how you think” if you don’t go and talk to them.’

While Cllr Hazel was celebrating his victory, many politicians were concerned by the low turnout in the elections, which saw only 13.2 per cent of people in the Grange ward cast their vote.

Overall the turnout was 29.49 per cent.

Maggie Morgan, who won Grange for the Conservatives with 222 votes, said: ‘I’m really pleased that people did vote for me, although I’m disappointed on the turnout. I have worked very hard.

‘A lot of people said they only received a letter through the door so I was keen to get out and get talking to people. I am proud to be working in the area.

‘I’m excited about the Alver Village development and the restoration.

‘One of my jobs is to get people working in apprenticeships and full time jobs in our area.

‘Stanley Park is something I also want to look closely at. It has been left to go to wreck and ruin. We need to get it back to a place for families to enjoy.’

Council leader Mark Hook, who retook his Alverstoke seat for the Conservatives, said: ‘Naturally the turnout is disappointing but it’s the problem of building trust with the public. We need to build that up.

‘When the country itself is going through a difficult time it’s hard to get them enthused to go out and vote.’

This was echoed by Conservative Marcus Murphy, who stood in the Rowner and Holbrook and said: ‘I’m very happy that I was re-elected. But it is tampered by the fact that again there is a low turnout.

‘Part of that is a general apathy.

‘We are failing to connect with the voters which is a shame. We do have an influence and an impact on their daily lives.’

Labour’s Keith Farr, who won the Forton seat, said: ‘The turnout was a little bit low.

‘I was expecting more but it’s been a hard fought campaign. But thanks to my helpers we nailed it. At the end of the day, they believed in me.’

Councillor Peter Chegwyn, leader of the Lib Dems, said: ‘It’s a difficult time for the party because of the national situation.

‘I’m delighted that we have gained in Leesland. We have defended two seats and we have ended with two seats.

‘To come so close to winning three others, it’s actually not a bad night for us really.’


Mark Hook, Con * 791

James Fox, Lab 220

Judith Smith, UKIP 194

Kirsten Ballard, Lib Dem 99

Majority 571

Turnout 38.21%

Con hold


Bob Forder, Con * 854

Austin Hicks, Lib Dem 254

Belinda Baker, Lab 141

Majority 600

Turnout 41.47%

Con hold


Jill Wright, Lab 708

Piers Bateman, Con 418

Majority 290

Turnout 32.41%

Lab gain from Con


Michael Geddes, Con* 450

Alan Durrant, Lab 418

Majority 32

Turnout 24.22%

Con hold


Rob Hylands, Lib Dem * 554

Laura Elshaw, Con 277

Hugh Reynolds, Lab 160

Majority 277

Turnout 25.77%

Lib Dem hold


Richard Dickson, Con * 406

Dawn Kelly, Lib Dem 351

Charis Noakes, Lab 165

Catherine Andrews, UKIP 125

Majority 55

Turnout 28.22%

Con hold


Craig Hazel, Con 463

George Heaver, Lib Dem 435

Jess Cully, Lab 157

Majority 28

Turnout 29.67%

Con gain from Lib Dem


Keith Farr, Lab 309

Stephen Pinder, Lib Dem 287

Dale Fletcher, Con 188

Andrew Rice, UKIP 108

Majority 22

Turnout 26.49%

Lab gain from Lib Dem


Maggie Morgan, Con 222

Joan Bateman, Lab 131

Paul Keeley, Lib Dem 94

Majority 91

Turnout 13.2%

Con hold


Peter Langdon, Con * 596

Claire Smith, Green 185

Paule Ripley, Lab 154

Cyril Simpson, Lib Dem 126

Majority 411

Turnout 24.41%

Con hold


Graham Burgess, Con * 866

Graham Giles, Lab 325

James Bailey, Lib Dem 107

Majority 541

Turnout 29.29%

Con hold


John Beavis, Con * 1,340

Jill Whitcher, Lab 286

Majority 1,054

Turnout 41.78%

Con hold


Maria Diffey, Lib Dem 507

George McAleese, Con 293

Michael Freestone, Lab 121

Dave Smith, Ind * 96

Majority 214

Turnout 28.05%

Lib Dem gain from independent


Stephen Philpott, Con* 689

Martyn Davis, Lab 236

Curtis Sinclair, UKIP 157

Majority 453

Turnout 31.76%

Con hold


Keith Gill, Con 685

Andrea Bailey, Lib Dem 203

Terry Robbins, Lab 193

Majority 482

Turnout 32.46%

Con gain from Lib Dem


Marcus Murphy, Con * 310

Jock Train, Lab 219

Sandra Carter, Lib Dem 167

Jim McGookin, Ind 41

Majority 91

Turnout 23.76%

Con hold


Diane Searle, Lab * 642

Abby Thomson, Con 464

Heather Carr, Lib Dem 58

Sunny Martin, BNP 48

Majority 178

Turnout 31.57%

Lab hold