Gosport council approve flats despite design concerns

  • An application to build six flats has been approved by Gosport council
  • Residents had raised concerns about the design and lack of parking
  • But councillors said officers had worked with the developer to get the building to fit in as much as it could
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PERMISSION has been given to build a block of flats despite concerns that the design does not fit in with surrounding buildings.

Development firm MSP Homes put in an application to Gosport Borough Council to build six one-bedroom flats on land off Priory Road in the town.

Hardway is a historic area and we would like to see something more traditional than just a block of flats.

Ian Stopanni

As part of the application they would demolish the current house, at 116-118 Priory Road, which is a converted six-bedroom property.

But six objection letters were received, with people living next to the proposed building unhappy with the design saying it did not fit in with the area’s character.

Speaking on behalf of the residents at the regulatory board meeting, Ian Stopanni said: ‘The majority of people living here are not against any development.

‘But the current design is totally out of character.

‘It will have a detrimental impact on the area. Hardway is a historic area and we would like to see something more traditional than just a block of flats.’

As well as the design of the building, residents were also concerned about parking. The plans have four parking spaces.

Mr Stopanni added: ‘We don’t think that four is sufficient.

‘Already there are cars parking in the streets and it is a danger for pedestrians.’

But speaking on behalf of the developer, a spokesman from MSP Homes said the building was granted permission four years ago by the council.

Due to conditions in the plans, the applicant had three years to start building but failed to do so, meaning the consent had lapsed.

At the meeting, it was questioned by councillors how they could refuse the same application when it had been agreed four years earlier.

Councillor Roger Allen, who represents the ward, said: ‘At the time four years ago we were very keen to make sure the building fitted in as well as it possibly could.

‘I know the officers worked very hard with the developers to make sure this happened.’

Councillor Peter Langdon added: ‘In regards to parking, there is a huge car park which is free seven days a week within walking distance.

‘There are a lot of residual double-yellow lines in that area, some of which could be removed to help with parking.’