Gosport council chief executive discusses town developments

The meeting held yesterday
The meeting held yesterday
  • Gosport council chief executive Ian Lycett held meetings with residents from Lee-on-the-Solent
  • Daedalus, Haslar, the Alver Valley and roads were all discussed
  • People said they found the meeting informative
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DAEDALUS, the Alver Valley and Haslar were just some of the topics discussed at a meeting held by Gosport council’s chief executive.

Ian Lycett meet with the residents of Lee-on-the-Solent yesterday evening to talk about developments in the town.

I think it was right of the residents association to set up the meeting because it has been helpful.

Jim Lynch

Among the former hospital site of Haslar and the enterprise zone at Daedalus, topics such as roads and improvements to the town centre were also discussed.

During the presentation, people were given the chance to ask Mr Lycett questions or raise any concerns they might have about any of the developments or other problems in the town.

Sue Locke said she enjoyed the meeting.

‘It was informative,’ she said.

‘I enjoyed hearing about the different plans happening in the town and it was good to hear all the details too which were in depth.’

Jim Lynch added: ‘I think it was right of the residents association to set up the meeting because it has been helpful.

‘I has given us the chance to see how the different plans are developing and what small changes might have been made.’

But Mr Lynch added that information was readily available for the plans.

‘It isn’t like we need these meetings all the time because the information is out there for use to look at,’ he said.

‘But it is good that we can raise concerns we might have.’

One of the main topics Mr Lycett spoke about was the changes to Alver Valley.

These include putting in a new pathway so people living in Stokes Bay can get direct access as well as improving the car park and play area near the BMX track.

The track is also looking to be expanded along with picnic tables being put in.

Mr Lycett also praised the wok that has been done in Rowner with the Rowner Regeneration project.

He said: ‘The changes in Rowner have made a fantastic difference to the old concrete jungle.’

Improving the roads and congestion between Gosport and Fareham, plus the Stubbington Bypass, were also discussed with Mr Lycett saying that the changes to Peel Common roundabout were due to begin soon.