Gosport council has zero tolerance on littering and dog fouling

Gosport Borough Council now has 'zero tolerance'  on litter and dog mess
Gosport Borough Council now has 'zero tolerance' on litter and dog mess
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  • Gosport Borough Council has a new zero tolerance on people who drop litter or leave dog mess
  • Three people have been handed £75 fines in the last week compared to 37 between June last year and May this year
  • Councillors say problem areas are beaches and parks
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A COUNCIL is warning it now has ‘zero tolerance’ to people dropping litter and leaving dog mess on its streets.

As part of a new clampdown, Gosport Borough Council has already handed out three £75 fines in the past week – with two fixed penalty notices given for dog fouling in Lee-on-the-Solent.

Just 37 fines were levied from June 2014 to May 2015.

Leader of the council Mark Hook says it is time for the authority to get tough in a bid to clean up Gosport’s streets.

He said: ‘We do have a zero tolerance when it comes to littering and dog fouling.

‘Obviously our enforcement officers are fair but if you are seen and you refuse to pick it up, you will be fined.

We do have a zero tolerance when it comes to littering and dog fouling.

Councillor Mark Hook

‘It is only a small majority of people in Gosport who do litter but they are ruining it for everyone else. We are making people more aware of the fines we are handing out to hopefully act as a deterrent.’

As part of the clampdown, people are asked to report dog fouling and littering.

Lee-­on-­the-­Solent ward councillor John Beavis thinks it will help stop the problem.

‘Littering and dog fouling is a very difficult thing to stop,’ he said.

‘We ask members of the public to report to the council when they see someone littering. Obviously the more people we get reporting it then the more our enforcement team can do to stop it.

‘More people are telling us about seeing people littering as a result of the actions we have taken to stop it.

‘The enforcement team has a very busy job trying to stop people but we hope once they get caught they will clean up after themselves.’

Parks and beaches have been highlighted as problem spots. Cllr Beavis added: ‘The main problem is pet owners going down to the beaches and playgrounds and letting their dogs off the lead.

‘This is fine but when the dogs start doing their business where children are running around and playing, it becomes a major issue.’

As revealed by The News, Havant Borough Council signed a contract with private company Kingdom in a bid to stop littering.

Officers from the firm patrolled the streets to catch people dropping litter and hand out fines. More than 2,000 were caught in the first six months.

But Cllr Hook said that scheme would not be suitable for Gosport.

To report dog fouling or littering in Gosport, call 08000 198 598.