Gosport council leader calls for closer ties between local authorities

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THE leader of Gosport Borough Council has called on local authorities to forge closer working ties.

Councillor Mark Hook is urging the Solent councils, including Fareham, Portsmouth and Havant, to work more closely together to improve services and drive down costs.

The call comes following the announcement that Gosport and Portsmouth will be sharing executive staff.

Cllr Hook said: ‘Solent councils have a lot in common and share an ambition to see our area grow and be prosperous.

‘Together we are much stronger and if we continue to work closely there are significant opportunities available to us.

‘The proposed combined authority for the Solent area will bring £30m of investment a year for the next 30 years into our area from central government and this could be just the start. Together we can reap enormous benefits for residents and businesses in the Solent region.’

Gosport council is one of eight working together on plans for a Solent combined authority. This would manage new powers and funding granted by the government but would not take the place of any of the councils involved.