Gosport council tax frozen despite parties abstaining in vote

Gosport Borough Council has frozen its council tax for the next year
Gosport Borough Council has frozen its council tax for the next year
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Gosport Borough Council’s share of council tax will be frozen for the next financial year despite no cuts in services or an increase in costs.

The council debated the budget for 2015/16 after disagreements between the Tories and the Lib Dems and Labour parties.

During the vote, the budget was approved despite councillors from the Lib Dems and Labour parties abstaining.

As part of the budget, council tax will be frozen for the sixth consecutive year which council leader Mark Hook said will ensure residents get value for money.

‘We will continue to serve Gosport with prudence, sustainability and affordability,’ he said.

‘We will continue to offer value for money and efficient services as well as driving down costs to the council taxpayers.’

But during the full council meeting, Lib Dem spokesman Councillor Robert Hylands said the budget did not address Gosport’s issues.

He said: ‘As per usual, we hear there are no cuts in services and a freeze in council tax.

‘But this budget fails to address Gosport issues. I would like to see the council try to tell the people of Gosport that there will be no cuts in services. They are not getting extra waste collections and people are being forced to live with their parents or in temporary accommodation because there isn’t enough affordable housing.

‘Also I think the business rate assessment of five per cent is optimistic because charities are taking up more work than possible.’

The borough council’s share of tax is added to the charges from the police, the fire service and the county council – which levies the lion’s share of the bill.