Gosport election round-up

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A LABOUR win and holds for the Lib Dems and Tories saw just one county council seat change hands in Gosport.

In Leesland and Town it was Tory holds with councillor Peter Edgar receiving 3,396 votes as cllr Christopher Carter brought in 2,795 votes.

Cllr.Graham Burgess celebrates his conservative hold in Lee.  Picture: Steve Reid Blitz Photography

Cllr.Graham Burgess celebrates his conservative hold in Lee. Picture: Steve Reid Blitz Photography

They fought off UKIP’s Tim Apps who landed 2,168 votes.

And Tory Councillor Graham Burgess kept his seat in Lee, with UKIP’s Curtis Sinclair, who did not show, coming second.

Cllr Burgess said: ‘It’s really nice to know the voters of Lee, Grange and Rowner still believe in what the Conservatives are trying to do in taking Gosport forward.

‘We’ll carry on doing that the same as we’re doing in Gosport, we’ll do the same at county.’

Earlier Labour took Bridgemary from the Tories and the Lib Dems defended Hardway.

Tory leader of the borough council, Cllr Mark Hook, said he recognised the rise of UKIP as a concern.

He said: ‘When you think they polled around 900 votes in Bridgemary, it had a devastating effect on us.

‘But even worse was that in Hardway, with the difference being far greater than that of the Liberal Democray majority.

‘Effectively what UKIP supporters have done is put in a Liberal Democrat.’

It comes after the town’s Lib Dem leader councillor Peter Chegwyn secured his seat in Hardway, beating Tory Debbie Grant with UKIP’s Malik Azam third.

Speaking after the declaration he said his win was bad news for the Tories in Gosport.

He said: ‘I’m really delighted, they threw the kitchen sink and more at us this time.

‘I think it’s the beginning of the end for the Conservatives, they’ve lost Bridgemary.

‘It’s a very good night for the Liberal Democrats and Labour, and a disaster for the Conservatives.

‘People have shown what they think.’

Labour party veteran and former borough councillor Shaun Cully ousted sitting councillor Mike Geddes in Bridgemary.

Cllr Cully said: ‘My priority is to serve the people who elected me, all the people not just those who voted for me.

‘I said on my literature I would be their voice on the county council and I will be a strong voice for them.

‘It’s been a hard campaign but I had a good team, we’ve been out on the streets every day.

‘This is a tremendous result for Labour in the Bridgemary division and hopefully they can build on this for future elections.’

The division was won by Labour leader Dennis Wright back in 2005.

Turnout in Gosport dropped across all four divisions.

Lee division has seen the lowest turnout at 21 per cent, with Hardway next at 25 per cent.

Leesland and Town saw a 26 per cent turnout, with Bridgemary at 28 per cent.

The overall turnout in Gosport was 26 per cent.

There are five seats on Hampshire County Council up for grabs in Gosport.

Today’s poll saw 23 candidates with Conservatives, Labour, and Liberal Democrats each represented on the ballot across all four divisions.

Four UKIP candidates are standing, along with two Green party candidates and two from the British National Party.

Votes have been counted from 10pm at the recently-opened Gosport Leisure Centre, off Forest Way, with the final declaration expected at around 1.30am.

Two councillors will be elected to Leesland and Town, with one councillor elected to each of Bridgemary, Hardway and Lee divisions.