Gosport man says flying tipping site '˜made area look like a slum'

CONCERNS have been raised about a fly-tipping site in Gosport that was not dealt with for months and made the area '˜look like a slum'.

Monday, 9th January 2017, 6:00 am
Updated Monday, 9th January 2017, 12:40 pm
The van and garage

The van and garage full of mattresses, duvets, rubbish and a gas cylinder were in Grange Lane on land that the Ministry of Defence owns and which is looked after by CarrilionAmey.

Dave Worsfold contacted The News and said that he was worried that children could harm themselves on the gas cylinder.

He said the garage had been overloaded for six months and the van had been there for around half that time.

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Mr Worsfold added neighbours in the area have expressed worries about the effect the eyesore has had on the local community.

Mr Worsfold, 73, said: ‘It just makes the whole area look like a slum.

‘They have built this new estate but people leave their rubbish around.

‘With all of the rubbish, it could mean that it attracts rats and that would have an effect on our health.

‘Kids could also get inside the van and could harm themselves.’

Since The News got in touch with CarillionAmey, the company has subsequently visited the area and cleared the rubbish from the van and garage.

It has reported the abandoned vehicle to the DVLA and requested that the local authority has it removed.

CarillionAmey is also checking which garages are in use on the military housing estate.

If a notice has been placed on a garage, they need the current occupier to contact them.

A spokesman said: ‘CarillionAmey assists with the removal of fly-tipping from the military housing estate.

‘Any such issues should be reported to our helpdesk.

‘We are aware that fly-tipping can be a problem in the area, due to its location.

‘This is beyond our control as a service provider, but we respond when issues are reported.’

Gosport Borough councillor Tony Jessop, who represents the Grange ward, has thanked Mr Worsfold for reporting the incident and the MoD for sorting it so quickly.

Tory Cllr Jessop said: ‘Fly-tipping is not acceptable in Grange or in Gosport and will not be tolerated.

‘It is about sorting the issue as soon as possible.

‘If we catch these people they will be prosecuted and we ask people to get in touch if they see anything.’