Gosport MP continues medal fight

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GOSPORT MP Caroline Dinenage will keep up the pressure to secure medals for veterans of the Arctic Convoys in Parliament today.

During Monday’s Defence Questions she will call on the Secretary of State for an update on the new review into an Arctic Convoy medal.

She will ask what progress has been made by the independent review.

More than 3,000 sailors died in sub-zero conditions to keep Russia supplied and fighting in the war. Successive British governments have ignored the plea from survivors for proper recognition.

Ms Dinenage’s question follows the Prime Minister’s support for the formation of an independent review in December 2011, after the 16-month inquiry by the Ministry of Defence was abandoned.

Speaking before her question, she said: ‘We cannot let the pressure drop in this campaign to secure a medal for the heroic men of the Arctic Convoys.

‘It remains the only major sea campaign of the Second World War not to have been granted a specific medal despite the unimaginably dangerous and freezing conditions the veterans endured.

‘I want to know whether the government has acted with the necessary urgency in forming this independent review.’