Gosport MP criticises Labour plan to cut pensions

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A CONSERVATIVE MP has hit out at proposals announced by Labour to cut pensions.

Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls said at the weekend that a future Labour government would look at extending a cap on the welfare budget to include the state pension.

But his announcement has come under fire from Tories, with criticism for Labour choosing to cap pensions rather than benefits. They say this means the basic state pension would be worth £234 less per year by 2017/18.

Ms Dinenage said: ‘Now we know that when Labour say they would cut welfare, what they really mean is they would choose to cut the basic state pension over capping benefits.

‘This would take £234 a year away from 21,070 pensioners in Gosport people who have worked hard all their lives.

‘This is about a simple choice – the Conservatives want to reward pensioners.

‘Labour want to punish them.’