Gosport MP criticises Tory colleague MP Christopher Chope for blocking upskirting bill

Gosport MP Caroline Dinenage.''Picture: Steve Reid
Gosport MP Caroline Dinenage.''Picture: Steve Reid
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GOSPORT MP Caroline Dinenage has criticised a politician from a neighbouring county after he blocked a bill on upskirting from progressing through parliament.

MP for Christchurch Christopher Chope blocked a move from parliament to make upskirting – taking pictures up women’s skirts – a criminal offence.

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Last Friday the MP shouted ‘object’ to the Voyeurism (Offences) Bill, saying that he disagreed with the way the government had gone about the bill.

But fellow Conservative MP Caroline Dinenage - the former minister for women - says that is no excuse for the bill to not go through parliament, criticising the MP’s ‘lack of judgement’.

She said: ‘I think it was terrible – this is such an important piece of legislation.

‘He says he didn’t object to the content of the bill but the process, but to me that is completely irrelevant and shows a terrible lack of judgement.

‘Sometimes there are things that go through parliament that are so important that it doesn’t matter what form it takes, as long as you can get it through.’

The bill will go back before parliament next month on July 6

Ms Dinenage said: ‘It’s so frustrating because it’s something that the rest of us are all so passionate about getting passed through parliament – to have it blocked on a point of principle is really infuriating.

‘Upskirting is an issue that I feel deeply about – having worked as the under secretary for women, equalities and early years I’ve had involvement with this for quite some time.

‘The priority now is to make sure this bill goes through when it is next presented to parliament.’