Gosport’s council to bring in brown bins for garden waste

Gosport will see changes to its garden waste scheme
Gosport will see changes to its garden waste scheme
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GARDEN waste disposal in Gosport will be undergoing an overhaul next year – although concerns have been raised over whether everyone using the scheme will be able to afford it.

At a meeting last night, the borough council revealed that collection sacks will be replaced by a brown wheelie bin, which will be collected once a fortnight.

Gosport councillors met to discuss the future of green waste disposal

Gosport councillors met to discuss the future of green waste disposal

This means that the current sacks that are used throughout the town will be scrapped.

At the meeting in Gosport Town Hall, Cllr Graham Burgess outlined that payments for the scheme could be made by direct debit, costing £60 for a full year’s subscription.

The scheme will be managed by private collection service Urbaser.

Councillors at the meeting supported the new scheme, but had questions about the new service – with concerns over the annual fee and driveway space being the main issues.

Cllr June Cully said: ‘I recognise that this could get more green waste away from homes, a problem for many residents is that they will have nowhere to put another bin.

‘There are a lot of terraced houses that struggle to keep the current domestic waste bins. They will be denied the possibility of the brown bins because they can’t use it.’

Cllr Kathleen Jones added: ‘Brown waste bins are in Eastleigh and Portsmouth and are really good. My only problem is that older people might not be able to afford an annual payment like that.’

Cllr Robert Hylands said: ‘Looking at people being able to pay in instalments is key. But I fully support anything that will increase our recycling rate. We could do far more than we actually do at the moment.’

Cllr Burgess, who chaired the meeting, says that a monthly subscription plan isn’t currently in place, but will be looked into.

He said: ‘It is a way forward and will improve our recycling rate. This is something that could be of major benefit to the borough and I believe it will be once implemented.

‘If you take two houses together, they may want to share a bin or something like that.

‘We will look into the option of creating a monthly subscription plan – this scheme has to be available for everyone to use.’

The wheelie bins will be introduced in February, with the green sacks being taken out of circulation the following month.