'Gosport should be razed to the ground and started again' - Woman's outburst to reporter over waterfront plan

The waterfront of Gosport.
The waterfront of Gosport.
From left, Jeanette Mudd, Clare and Ben George, Rachel Lowe, Roy Herbert and Steph Callaway outside 37 Wadham Road. Picture: Chris Moorhouse

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'GOSPORT should be razed to the ground and started again.'

This was the dramatic outburst from a Gosport resident while being interviewed about plans for a revamp of the town's waterfront.

The unnamed woman was speaking to the BBC after marketing firm JLL unveiled their initial plans for apartments, leisure units and a redesigned bus station for the town, as previously revealed by The News.

A total of 95 homes, 1,405sqm of retail, parking and a new bus terminal was included in the plans.

The area covers 4km of waterfront where over 3,000 people live.

Speaking to a reporter, the woman said: 'It should be razed to the ground and started again because it has been ruined. There's nothing to come into Gosport for now.'

Another unnamed resident added: 'Gosport is a peninsula so it is a a dead end era. You have to make a specific journey to come here now.'

The reporter questioned another woman what improvements she would like to see in the town.

She responded: 'I do not think you can change anything around here now to make it better. Every time you come down here, there is another shop that has shut.'

Councillor Stephen Philpott, chairman of the economic development board told the BBC this morning that he was 'disappointed' by the comments.

He said: 'I think that is very disappointing and I do not agree with that at all. We have got the most magnificent scenery and waterfront here in Gosport.

'As far as raising things to the ground, we have just had more than 80 events at our heritage open days, that's more than any other in the country.

'We are only second behind London in terms of heritage assets in the country.'