Gosport will see millions spent on new schemes

UPGRADE The fountain at the Falklands Gardens is planned to be refurbished
UPGRADE The fountain at the Falklands Gardens is planned to be refurbished
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PEOPLE in Gosport will see millions of pounds spent on their communities in the next five years.

Gosport Borough Council said it wants to stump up more than £9m on refurbishments and new schemes for the town.

Of the £9m, around £6m will be spent this year on the work at Gosport’s new leisure park.

But the rest of the cash will go towards things like new play schemes, refurbishing public toilets and introducing a kerbside glass recycling scheme.

The leader of Gosport’s Labour opposition group says he fears future cuts in government grants could hamper the plans.

But the leader of the council Councillor Mark Hook said he believes the funding can be found.

He said: ‘While it is an ambitious programme, it is one I believe can be met and funded, which is the important thing.

‘Having taken over in 2010 for the first time in 20 years I likened Gosport to a property that hasn’t been maintained.

‘So there are things we want to do to bring it back into good order.

‘There’s a lot of work to do but I’m looking forward to delivering it and giving Gosport a facelift.’

The planned schemes will be spread out across the next five years.

The leader of Gosport’s opposing Labour group Cllr Dennis Wright said: ‘All of these things will I’m sure be welcomed by the residents in those areas. Obviously, we would like to do more but there are constraints.

‘The difficulty at the moment is that we still don’t know what our Revenue Support Grant from the government will be.

‘It could be that if we get a bad settlement some of those schemes might be difficult to fund.’

Many of the planned schemes are in the early planning stages but others have moved on to be designed. Others, including the construction of Gosport’s new leisure centre and work on the Alver Valley, have already begun.


Giving money to voluntary organisations; habitat creation and access works at the Alver Valley; a coastal flood and erosion risk management strategy; waste recycling; drainage work for the four football pitches on Brookers Field; upgrading and resurfacing the town’s car parks; construction work on Gosport Leisure Park; upgrading facilities at the Elson Recreation Park play area; providing better lighting for pathways in the town’s parks and gardens; providing fitness equipment for the Walpole Park play area; work on Privett Park; new equipment and railings for the Leesland skate park; maintenance of the promenade at Stokes Bay; resurfacing at the Lee-on-the-Solent promenade; upgrading play equipment at Rowner Green; refurbishing public toilets; work on play areas at Priddys Hard; fencing and a multi-use games area at Privett Park; replacement car park machines; refurbishments at the cocklepo nd; improving facilities at playgrounds; introducing a kerbside glass collection service; pitch lighting at the town’s rugby club; improvements and upgrades to paving; putting down tarmac to the Rowner Green Bowling Club car park; removing paving slabs at the Anglesey Gardens Bowling Club; providing a training facility at the Gosport Borough Cricket Club; upgrading play equipment at the Rowner Copse Park play area; providing a youth shelter at the Lee-on-the-Solent skate park; building a wet and dry play area at Stokes Bay; installing permanent vehicle deterrents around the town; refurbishment and pump replacement at the Falkland Gardens fountain; refurbishing the pond at Foster Gardens; replacing the bowling green hedge at Gosport Park with fencing; refurbishment of Stanley Park; renewing interpretation boards across the town; a Kings Road play scheme and irrigation of the Privett Park enclosure.