Hampshire County Council cuts: Less than one per cent take part in consultation

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LESS than one per cent of the county’s population took part in a public consultation into determining savings proposals for the council.

Of the county’s 1.3m population – excluding Portsmouth and Southampton (which are both served by their own city councils) – just 3,770 responded to the Balancing the Budget consultation.

Results from the consultation stated that 65 per cent of those who took part said the council should continue with its financial strategy to press on with the cuts.

In addition to this, 67 per cent agreed that the county council should raise existing charges or introduce new charges to help cover the costs of running services.

One of the proposals listed for the £140m cuts would be to scrap up to half of the council’s 26 household waste recycling centres – in turn, saving the council £1.2m.

Councillor Roy Perry, the council’s leader, said he did not want to have to look at implementing this and that the authority would prefer to introduce a £1 charge to deposit household waste.

The law currently prevents authorities from charging residents to deposit household waste but Cllr Perry is lobbying the government to change the law.

He said: ‘If we kept them all open and introduced a £1 charge we would be able to raise £4m and that’s what we would like to do.’