Hampshire survey sparks safety call

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EIGHTY-ONE per cent of motorists rated their driving as ‘above average’ in a survey.

And one in five of the 205 respondents to a Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service questionnaire believe they are ‘very good’ drivers.

Motorists answered the survey at three motorway service stations in Hampshire as part of the service’s support for the launch of the United Nations Decade of Action Day For Road Safety – a global initiative to reduce death and injury on the roads.

In total 83 per cent identified tailgating as a major motorway driving hazard, followed by speed at 78 per cent.

Now Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service is calling for drivers to take more care on the roads.

Clyde Evans, community road safety manager, said: ‘We need to encourage drivers to plan their route in advance, leave more time for their journeys, allowing time to take regular breaks, keep distractions to a minimum and overall, to be patient.

‘The survey showed that people’s perceptions of their driving skills are, on the whole, far better than they really are. When it comes to cars, people are too ready to believe that they don’t need any additional information or training to help them become better, safer drivers. Sadly, in our role as professional firefighters we are all too often called to road traffic collisions which are the result of errors made by the drivers involved.’

The next driver education event will be held on July 22 as part of National Road Safety Engagement Day on major routes throughout Hampshire.