Has the BBC made people in Gosport look ignorant?

Gosport residents are interviewed by BBC News on Theresa May becoming prime minister
Gosport residents are interviewed by BBC News on Theresa May becoming prime minister
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THE BBC has been accused of showing people in Gosport as ‘uneducated’ and ‘ignorant’ in a report.

Borough council leader Mark Hook today joined criticism after BBC News visited the town yesterday to ask people about Theresa May’s appointment as prime minister.

People were asked what they thought of Mrs May, who wanted to remain in the European Union, becoming prime minister as Britain looks to leave the EU.

It comes as nearly 64 per cent of people in Gosport voted in favour of Brexit.

Residents were on camera saying they felt ‘stabbed in the back’ by the appointment and ‘not happy with it at all.’

After the clip was shown on BBC’s 6pm news, people took to Twitter calling the views ‘depressing’ and criticising one woman who said she wanted Nigel Farage as the new prime minister.

It wasn’t a full reflection of residents in Gosport.

Councillor Mark Hook

Leader of Gosport Borough Council Mark Hook said: ‘It wasn’t a full reflection of residents in Gosport.

‘I can understand what the BBC was looking for in people opposed to the decision and that seems to be the way they have shown the clip rather than those who spoke in favour.

‘I think it was a biased piece of journalism.’

Councillor Hook added: ‘I think the problem is that too many people are being clouded by the EU debate.

‘What we are looking for is a prime minister who takes the country forward.’

On Twitter, Alison Denham posted: ‘@BBCNews People of Gosport showing little understanding of how things work,’ while Sam Lane, tweeted: ‘Residents of Gosport embarrassing themselves on the national news. Absolute shock.’

Forgettable Me posted: ‘That said, every Gosport person interviewed on the BBC sounded depressingly ignorant and uneducated.’

The town itself also came under fire with people saying they did not want to go there. Alex Jenkins tweeted: ‘All I’ve learnt from BBC News’ visit to Gosport is that I never want to go to Gosport.’

Alan March tweeted: ‘Well I’ll never be stopping off in Gosport.’

The News has contacted the BBC for a response.

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