Havant Borough Council election candidates

Diesel tax, benefits and five other law changes you need to know about in 2018

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These are the candidates for the May elections to Havant Borough Council

Hayling East

Mike Clarke – Labour

Anne Martin – Liberal Democrats

John Perry – Ukip

John Smith – Conservative

Paul Valentine – Green Party

Hayling West

Richard Brown – Liberal Democrats

Susan Holt – Green Party

Philip Melhuish – Ukip

Richard Sams – Labour

Michael Wilson – Conservative


Jane Briggs – Liberal Democrats

Terry Mitchell – Green Party

David Smith – Conservative

George Smith – Labour

St Faith’s

Michael Blanch – Liberal Democrats

Jackie Branson – Conservative

Wendy Coates – Ukip

Tim Dawes – Green Party

Philip Munday – Labour


John Davis – Ukip

Vicky Gould – Green Party

Colin Mackey – Conservative

Chris Maple – Liberal Democrats

Eric Whitehead – Labour


Michael Bolt – Liberal Democrats

Frida Edwards – Conservative

Munazza Faiz – Labour

Tara Fisher – Green Party


Anthony Berry – Labour

Mark Johnson – Conservative

Faith Ponsonby – Liberal Democrats

Warren Park

Ann Brown – Liberal Democrats

Beryl Francis – Labour

Kris Sapcote – Conservative


Mike Fairhurst – Conservative

Philip Pearson – Labour

Sue Pook – Liberal Democrats


Tony Briggs – Conservative

Bruce Holman – Green Party

John Jacobs – Liberal Democrats

Ken Monks – Labour

Hart Plain

Mike Cheshire – Conservative

Sheila Mealy – Labour

Elaine Woodard – Lib Dem


David Crichton – Liberal Democrats

Sian Laxton – Labour

Carole Newnham – Ukip

Owen Plunkett – Green Party

Mike Sceal – Conservative


John Cooper – Conservative

Ken Cosslett – Liberal Democrats

Gary Kerrin – Ukip

Barry Steel – Labour


Gwen Blackett - Conservative

Hilary Bolt - Liberal Democrats

Nicky Potts - Labour