Havant Borough Council to tackle issue of rampant highway weeds

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A COUNCIL is rolling out measures to tackle the issue of roadside weeds.

Havant Borough Council is dealing with weeds which have been allowed to grow along its highways.

The action comes after councillors highlighted the issue following the council’s outsourcing of services – including weed-spraying – to Norse South East (NSE), a joint venture company, in 2016.

In his leader’s report issued at full council yesterday, Havant Borough Council’s Tony Briggs said: ‘There are still challenges and additional resources have been employed, however it is apparent this has not resolved the situation to a satisfactory level.

‘NSE will continue to work to improve this situation.’

To tackle the problem, NSE has now trained team members to spray weeds –with scheduled sprays set to take place across the borough until March, 2018.

In his report, Cllr Briggs added: ‘As of April 1, 2018, NSE will have two team members continually employed on weed-spraying.’