Havant Borough Council tops the polls thanks to ‘excellent value for money’

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A SEVEN-YEAR freeze on council tax has put a local authority ahead of others in a poll.

Havant Borough Council came out top among councils in the 2014 Residents Survey, which us carried out between eight neighbouring councils.

Three thousand people in the borough were asked questions about where they live, the services they receive and what their concerns are.

Results show that Havant Borough Council is top when compared with seven other local authorities who took part in the same survey, for giving excellent value for money to their residents for the services they provide.

Councillor Michael Cheshire, leader of Havant Borough Council, said: ‘It is great news that Havant comes top of the polls compared to other local authorities, for giving our residents value for money.

‘With a large cut in government funding together with no rise in council tax for the past seven years it is wonderful that residents still know we are doing all that we can to provide the same services with less money..

‘These survey results are a very useful indication of what matters to people which, in turn, helps us to prioritise where to direct the funding and resources for the future.’

The Residents’ Survey questions people over 18. Random samples of residents receive a questionnaire which is designed to measure how well councils do and the results influence future council decisions.