Havant MP Alan Mak defends government actions in refugee crisis

Refugees paddling a rubber dinghy close to the beach at Psalidi near Kos Town, Kos, Greece
Refugees paddling a rubber dinghy close to the beach at Psalidi near Kos Town, Kos, Greece
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THE MP for Havant has defended the government’s actions in light of the migrant crisis.

It comes after a shocking picture of a drowned Syrian boy who was found on a beach in Turkey triggered a backlash across Europe.

David Cameron is facing demands to stop ‘dragging his feet’ and allow more refugees into Britain.

But the Prime Minister has insisted that taking in more people will not solve the crisis wracking the continent, and the focus should be on bringing ‘peace and stability’ to the war-ravaged areas they are fleeing.

Now, an online petition calling on the UK to accept more refugees has passed the 100,000 threshold, meaning it is eligible to be considered for a debate in Parliament.

But Alan Mak, MP for Havant, said: ‘Britain has launched its biggest ever humanitarian aid effort to help Syrian refugees, both in the region and accepting refugees into Britain.

‘The government keeps our aid position under review as the situation develops, working with our international partners.

‘Equally important is our continued work for peace and stability in the Middle East itself, working with our international partners.’

But Flick Drummond, MP for Portsmouth south, said: ‘It’s a tragic situation for the whole of Syria which was one of the most highly educated countries in the Middle East.

‘The people that are coming here are professional and highly qualified people.

‘Ministers in Europe are meeting to see how they are going to cope with this. I am sure we will be taking more refugees.

‘These are people who have come from a war torn country and need the support that we can give them.

‘I expect it will be temporary and they will want to go back when the war has finished. It’s a fantastic country. They will want to go back and re-build when it’s over.’