Havant to keep its name as leader denies reports

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THE leader of Havant Borough Council has denied reports that he wants to change the name of the town.

A national newspaper had reported that Councillor Anthony Briggs was going to change the name because it gave negative connotations as it sounds like ‘have not’.

But Cllr Briggs has said this is not the case and that he was simply referring to the council’s partnership with East Hampshire District Council.

He said: ‘To change it you would have to consult the residents and get the majority of them to agree.

‘You can’t change the name because Havant is Havant but I said if there was a change in the way of the partnership work then maybe a name could change there.

‘I have said that Havant is a negative name, that’s fair comment. But I have certainly not said that I had any plans to change it. That’s ridiculous.’