Have your say on new plans for social housing

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Have your say

PEOPLE are being asked for their views on how social housing is provided in East Hampshire and Havant Borough.

The councils’ draft tenancy strategy details how they plan to implement government plans to radically reform the social housing system.

Key to the proposed reforms is the removal of lifetime tenancies, in favour of time limited ones known as fixed-term tenancies.

These would be offered for a set period of five years, and only extended if a tenant was still in need of the accommodation.

Under the previous system social landlords were normally only able to grant lifetime tenancies, which meant that in some cases people remained in a social home, long after their need for it had passed. Meanwhile, there were people on a waiting list, unable to get a home they desperately needed.

The new fixed-term tenancies will give housing associations the flexibility to make the best use of housing stock and focus provision on those who are most in need.

At the end of the fixed-term, tenants will be supported by the council in considering their options.

The proposed changes will not affect current tenants. Any new arrangements will come into effect for new applicants from 2013

To see the draft go to easthants.gov.uk or havant.gov.uk

Any questions, contact housing service manager by emailing tracey.howard@easthants.gov.uk.