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A UNIQUE debate will give residents the chance to hear politicians’ views on major talking points ahead of the upcoming elections.

The News has invited politicians from the different parties to discuss big topics that will affect the constituents in their areas.

The debate comes ahead of the local and European elections which are set to take place on May 22.

Local party leaders and other representatives from Labour, the Liberal Democrats, Conservative, Ukip and the Green party will be talking about their campaigns and telling people why they should vote for their party.

In Fareham, Sean Woodward from the Conservatives, Katrina Trott of the Liberal Democrats, Chris Wood from UKIP, Richard Ryan of Labour and Miles Grindey from the Green party will each have five minutes to talk about what they see as being the hot topics in the borough.

They will also talk about why the electorate should vote for them.

Following this, there will be space for a debate, which will be chaired by The News’ editor Mark Waldron.

Likewise, in Gosport, Tim Apps from Ukip, Peter Chegwyn of the Liberal Democrats, Mark Hook from the Conservatives and Dennis Wright of Labour will also have five minutes to talk about local policies important to them.

Editor of The News, Mark Waldron, said: ‘This debate is a great opportunity for the electorate to hear what policies are important to the different parties and what they are planning if they are elected.

‘This is a unique chance for everyone to be in the same room ahead of the upcoming elections and address the public directly about their campaigns.

‘Those with interests about their area and local policies should come along and hear what the candidates have to say.’

The Fareham debate is being held on Tuesday, May 13 at the Bishopsfield Theatre, at Fareham College, on Bishopsfield Road.

It starts at 7.30pm and all members of the public are invited to attend. Seating is limited at 250.

The Gosport debate is on Wednesday, May 14 and starts at 7.30pm.

It is being held at Thorngate Halls, on Bury Road, and all members of the public can attend.

Seating for the Gosport debate is limited to 238.