Hill Head beach hut planning application was ‘vague’

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The CHAIRMAN of a beach hut association has instructed a solicitor to challenge a planning decision.

Percy O’Dell, chairman of Fareham BHA, claims that the application to build beach hut 1A on Cliff Road, Hill Head was incorrectly advertised.

Mr O’Dell said: ‘The application formed part of a joint application to build two beach huts, and both should have been single applications.’

Despite writing to Peter Grimwood, CEO of Fareham Borough Council, to demand the decision be rescinded, the beach hut was put up.

Mr. O’Dell said: ‘The application gave a vague site description, there was no site visit, and the adjacent properties were not properly informed.

‘I have just been reading about Mr Grimwood’s massive pay rise in The News. How that is justified when he can’t even be bothered to reply to a letter is beyond me.’

A spokesman for Fareham borough council said: ‘The planning department sent a reply to Mr O’Dell on October 10 following his letter to Peter Grimwood.

‘Both Mr O’Dell and the owner of the beach hut next to the site attended, and spoke, at the planning committee meeting before any decisions were made.

‘There were also two notices put up near the site to notify people of the planning application.’