HMS Queen Elizabeth USA trip: What will the weather be like for her departure from Portsmouth

HMS Queen Elizabeth will be departing from Portsmouth naval base for America this weekend.Â

She will be leaving our city at 6pm tomorrow (August 18) and embark on an historic trip across the Atlantic. 

Huge crowds are expected to cheer the nations biggest-ever warship off on her journey. 

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This is when you can see HMS Queen Elizabeth set sail from Portsmouth todayÂ

But will you need a rain coat? Here is what the latest weather forecast says. 

What will the weather be like in Portsmouth?

The Met Office is forecasting cloudy conditions for the city on Saturday, August 18. 

There will be a high of 21C and a low of 18C and no significant wind is expected in Portsmouth on the day. 

Hour by hour forecast

Midnight '“ cloudy - 18C

1am '“ cloudy - 18C

2am '“ partly cloudy '“ 17C

3am - partly cloudy '“ 17C

4am - cloudy '“ 17C

5am - cloudy '“ 17C

6am - cloudy '“ 17C

7am - cloudy '“ 18C

8am - cloudy '“ 18C

9am - cloudy '“ 19C

10am - sunny intervals'“ 19C

11am - overcast '“ 19C

Noon - overcast '“ 20C

1pm - overcast '“ 20C

2pm - overcast '“ 20C

3pm - cloudy '“ 20C

4pm - cloudy '“ 20C

5pm - cloudy '“ 20C

6pm - cloudy '“ 20C

7pm - cloudy '“ 19C

8pm - cloudy '“ 19C

9pm - cloudy '“ 18C

10pm - cloudy '“ 18C

11pm - partly cloudy '“ 18C