Horses are threatened by planned land sale

WORRIED Jillian Hall faces losing horses because land is due to be sold
WORRIED Jillian Hall faces losing horses because land is due to be sold
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A HORSE-LOVER has spoken of her heartache that her beloved animals may have to be put down.

For the past four years Jillian Hall and her team of volunteers have cared for around 30 horses on five acres of land off Lovedean Lane, Lovedean.

Many of the horses have been rescued after being mistreated and Jillian provides free horse riding to vulnerable and disabled children.

But now the 48-year-old is facing a race against time to save the horses.

The landowner from whom Mrs Hall rents the land has given her a fortnight’s notice on the land.

The landowner, who Mrs Hall remains on good terms with, has been forced to sell the land due to a family matter and is planning to put it up for auction in April.

Mrs Hall, a mum-of-four, of London Road, Cowplain, said: ‘The landowner has given us a couple of weeks to get off the land.

‘We are trying to reach out and see if there’s anyone who can help us.

‘We have 30 horses here and about a third of them have been rescued.

‘Nobody is buying horses at the moment.

‘If we can’t find someone to help, the horses would have to be destroyed.

‘I am devastated. I haven’t been able to sleep at night.’

Mrs Hall is hoping somebody may have a parcel of land she can rent.

She currently pays £220 a month for the land – much of which is from her own pocket.

She said: ‘We do a lot of work with autistic children and social services.

‘We want to help people that can’t afford it. We put our own money into it. It’s a past time for me and it’s something I am really passionate about.’

She added: ‘Someone tied two horses to our gate. They were given five days to live but seven weeks on they are still here. This is the kind of work we do here.’

Anyone who can help Mrs Hall can call her on (07706) 753949.