Houses ‘shouldn’t be built unless flooding is fixed’ says Hampshire MP

PLEA Meon Valley MP George Hollingbery
PLEA Meon Valley MP George Hollingbery
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NO MORE houses should be built in Wickham until sewage flooding is dealt with.

That is the message from Meon Valley MP George Hollingbery.

The village has had issues over the past few years with the sewage system flooding despite work from Southern Water to fix it.

Around 20 residents, particularly in Riverside Mews, have been plagued by the problem for years.

A lack of capacity in the sewer system in the town has been identified as the cause, but around 20 further homes have been built recently and about another 200 are planned in the coming years.

But Mr Hollingbery has said that until the problem is dealt with, plans for houses shouldn’t be put forward.

‘I met Winchester City Council last month to discuss to see how the situation could be fixed,’ he said.

‘I have told the council that it’s absolutely essential that no further development takes place in Wickham until a technical solution is found by Southern Water and the developers to stop the flooding of homes and gardens with diluted sewage.

‘This is something that has gone on for too many years, is a health hazard and is clearly unacceptable.

‘I also stressed that the full implications of future development and the sewage infrastructure needed in Wickham have to be addressed by all authorities as a matter of priority.’

He added: ‘Homes are needed in many areas of the Meon Valley, but the necessary sewage infrastructure must be in place to avoid the misery I have seen.’

And Wickham Parish Council agrees that housing plans need to be stopped until the flooding issue is solved.

Clerk Nicki Oliver said: ‘The parish council raised the ongoing flooding issues with the Planning Inspector when the 200 houses were earmarked for Wickham.

‘He took on board the council’s concerns and agreed that there should be no more than 50 houses built until the drainage system is significantly upgraded.

‘Flooding continues to be a problem for residents in the lowest-lying properties and the council is seeking to work with partner agencies to try and resolve the problems.’