How our readers reacted to the Debenhams homeless man controversy

Debenhams has apologised to a homeless man after he claimed he was '˜assaulted' by a security guard outside the store - and here is what our readers had to say.

Thursday, 29th December 2016, 10:03 am
Updated Thursday, 29th December 2016, 3:20 pm
Debenhams in Commercial Road. Picture: Malcolm Wells

Here are a selection of the comments made on our Facebook page.

Dawn Sharpe: Speaking as a PR professional Debenhams haven’t thought their response through very well here. This was a despicable act which they’re now trying to fudge. Not good Debenhams.

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Michael Eburne: I say sack the security guard and give the homeless man his job.

Michelle Clements: Took my kids down to the Somerstown drop off with 7 sleeping bags, coats, jumpers and blankets on Friday 23rd. It’s a great thing to do with the kids, it shows them how some people have to live. We do it every year after a clear out.

Racheal Shankly: It’s not enough, not even close. The man was treated like dirt and nothing excuses that security guard’s actions whatsoever. If it was an ‘accident’ then the guard would of apologised straight off rather than acting the way he did. He needs a good lesson on how to be a decent human!!!

Lorna Sandland: In the interest of perspective, I know other people that have slept rough in the entrance of this branch and had a good response from staff. As for making the security guard jobless, really? Allow him to learn constructively without creating further issues and resentment.

Justin Chambers: Too many homeless people on the streets of EVERY major town and city in the UK, I know people with severe mental illness that are homeless because the council doesn’t deem them vulnerable enough, and a lot do choose to be homeless because they have given up trying. We live in a vile country that rewards the rich with more riches and kicks the poor when they are already down.

Daniel Boden: Let’s get down there with buckets of water and ‘accidently’ soak their store doing some routine voluntary cleaning!!

Diane Davies: An ‘accident’ is, unintentional and unforseen. This was clearly a deliberate and malicious act. The efforts to justify the actions are pathetic, because they are unjustifiable. Debenhams - if the homeless are so unpalatable, how about you developing a social conscience and helping these human beings into safe accommodation.

Steve Carrington: It was a pretty heartless and despicable act to do to a fellow human being, hope the security guard is sacked.

Carly Holman: Lame excuse, I’m unsure why you would be cleaning the inside of a fire exit with such a large amount of water, in fact enough to soak the poor mans bedding right through.

Lezley M Hannibal: The security guard should lose his job to set an example that his actions are not acceptable at all & Debenhams shame on you, just replacing the guys bedding, it does not rid him of the extra stress him & his dog have had since the incident. Who does that security guard think he is? Vile!

Kate Brown: More people need to remember we are all one/two steps away from being in the same position as this poor chap.

Claire Teague: How about Debenhams get their staff to take homeless people up to the cafe for a hot drink and something to eat in the morning before the shop opens rather than deliberately soaking them to get rid of them!

Nick Kingston: I was upset to see how many people were homeless and sleeping in Commercial Road this year, I would like to know what the council are doing to help these people?

Teresa Serle: Glad the man has dry bedding and clothing, but Debenhams should have acted more promptly.