How to have your say on the Spinnaker Tower

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Have your say

PEOPLE have until tomorrow morning to give Portsmouth City Council their views about the future of the Spinnaker Tower.

Council leader Donna Jones announced that a new proposal is being considered after major airline Emirates wanted to coat the tower red in return for securing the naming rights of the city landmark.

Many Pompey fans expressed their anger about the plans as the design would be too similar to the colours of Southampton Football Club.

Now, residents are being encouraged to send in their views before the deadline of 9am tomorrow.

Councillor Jones said: ‘People felt that the Spinnaker Tower was worthy of a better design, something more sophisticated and I’ve taken that on board completely.

‘One of the criticisms that has been made repeatedly over the weekend is the fact that we didn’t consult about the design ahead of the announcement.

‘Unfortunately this wasn’t a typical local government decision. This was a commercial deal involving one of the top 100 companies in the world.

‘These big companies are very protective about commercial sponsorship deals ahead of the announcement being made so we weren’t able to consult as we normally would do.

‘I suggested to Emirates that we get feedback to the public from what they would like.

‘It’s got to be something that’s going to promote Emirates as well as reflecting Portsmouth city, so that’s got to be the key.’

Emirates secured the deal on Friday. It will see the local authority net £3.5m with an extra £1.5m going on advertisement in the city. The airline wanted to paint the tower red as it is one of its corporate colours.

Anyone wishing to share their views about the future of the tower should email