Hundreds more homes added for Whiteley by 2031

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FIVE HUNDRED extra homes – on top of the 3,000 already expected – are likely to be built at Whiteley.

Independent planning inspector Nigel Payne has published his report on Winchester City Council’s plans for growth over the next 20 years, and found them to be ‘sound’.

As part of the document, known as the local plan, the council had submitted proposals for 3,000 extra homes at North Whiteley, but Mr Payne decided that the area could take hundreds more on top of that figure.

Mr Payne concluded: ‘The plan provides for a sustainable pattern of new development across the district.’

But local councillors have raised concerns.

Whiteley ward councillor Viv Achwal said: ‘It’s not really surprising.

‘It was always in the report that it could be up to 3,500 as long as we can make sure that we get the roads and the schools in place. Whiteley is a desirable area to live in, so we need to make sure those things are there.’

Parish council chairman Cllr Mike Evans said: ‘We are concerned about the financial viability of the plans – Winchester is pushing for 40 per cent social and intermediate housing. The infrastructure bill for North Whiteley is likely to be £46m, and if the housing is split like that, will they be able to deliver the infrastructure?’

The district will have to find 12,500 new homes by 2031.

However, taking into account houses already completed, planning permissions granted and the planned developments at North Whiteley, West of Waterlooville and Bartons Farm, the council has already allocated 10,500 of those homes.

Cllr Rob Humby, in charge of strategic planning for the council, said: ‘This will provide the certainty that the district needs to plan positively.

‘It will ensure that the right amount and type of development is delivered so that the district remains prosperous.

‘The council has listened to its communities throughout the preparation of the plan and we now have a local plan that reflects local views.’