Indian delegation visit to Naval training base

The Indian delegation at HMS Collingwood
The Indian delegation at HMS Collingwood
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AN INDIAN delegation visited HMS Collingwood to witness training standards at its Maritime Warfare School.

The delegates joined a group of officers in the second stage of their training.

They received an insight into recruitment procedures, and saw how the officers were taught and tested on individual specialisations including navigation, aviation, warfare and astro-navigation.

The delegation heads up the equivalent training schools in India.

Lieutenant Commander Mike Hilton, one of HMS Collingwood’s training support officers, said: ‘It is a great opportunity to share some of Collingwood’s training methodologies, initiatives and innovations with our Indian Navy visitors.

‘It demonstrates first-hand how best practice is enabling the Royal Navy to prepare its trainee engineering and warfare officers and ratings for their first compliment sea billet and future naval careers.’

The Royal Navy regularly hosts visits from foreign offices to strengthen ties and pre-existing relationships.