Informing a wider community of plans in Fareham

NEW APPLICATION The site of the new development at Station Road, Portchester
NEW APPLICATION The site of the new development at Station Road, Portchester
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Inform Fareham – Focus Group would like to update residents on a number of development issues within Fareham and encourage local residents to view the various plans on the Fareham Borough Council website where you can leave comments.

Although the council do inform a small number of residents bordering such developments by letter, Inform Fareham takes the view that some developments coming forward may be of interest to a wider section of the community who may not be aware of an individual planning application.

Station Road, Portchester – Portchester residents may be interested to know of a planning application which has just been submitted to Fareham Borough Council with regards to land on the corner of Station Road/A27 West Street Portchester.

This application affects one of the last open spaces along the A27 Portchester within the Portchester locality. Proposal: Seventeen aged-persons apartments in a 2/2.5 storey building including affordable housing.

The site is included in the Development Sites and Polices Plan, which Fareham Council adopted in June of 2015. Comments must be in by March 4.

To view the application, go to the council’s website and type in the application number P/16/0142/FP.

Cranleigh Road, Portchester – The public consultation is now closed and it is now up to the case officer to make a recommendation to the planning committee.

Any development on the fields would clearly go against the local plan, which states the fields are outside the present urban fringe and form an important countryside gap.

We are confident the council, when looking at all the submitted evidence, will decide the local plan should not be breached.

However, the developer may appeal and Inform Fareham believe it is at any future appeal that the real battle to save the fields will be won or lost.

Newlands – Hallam Land has submitted a new application, but the council was unable to validate the documents.

Hallam Land haven’t given up and are working with the council to ensure their planning application meets the planning rules so watch this space.

Welborne – To put it simply, Welborne is in a bit of a pickle. We will cover this in a future article.

To find details on all the local developments go to