Inspector asks for more information on Fareham Borough Council’s plan

The discussion was held at the Civic Offices at Fareham Borough Council
The discussion was held at the Civic Offices at Fareham Borough Council
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THERE’S not enough houses in Fareham that are designed for elderly people, according to developer’s that were arguing against the soundness of a town plan.

A discussion was held yesterday morning at the Civic Offices at Fareham Borough Council on the last day of a five-day inquiry into the council’s plans for future development.

Independent inspector David Hogger is considering the soundness of all parts of the plan, including the provision for homes for elderly people.

Bryan Jezeph, spoke on behalf of William Tracey, who owns land at Holly Hill Lane, in Sarisbury Green.

Mr Tracey would like to build a retirement village which, if approved, would be partially built on land designated as strategic gap in the council’s plan.

He already has consent for six houses on a quarter of the land, which lies in designated urban area.

Mr Jezeph said: ‘We cannot provide a retirement village without going beyond the boundary.’

The pair said the council’s plan was unsound as it did not take into account enough provision for the growing elderly population.

Developer Bob Tutton, who would like to build retirement accommodation on Fareham Park Road, agreed,

He said: ‘If we just rely on existing housing within the urban area and we do not come forward with any policies or allocation for the elderly then the special needs of elderly people will not be served.’

Mr Hogger said he had concerns that the council’s plan did not include enough housing for the elderly.

He said: ‘I ask the council to go away and see if it can tighten up its plan and be more specific to what its approach would be should planning applications like these be submitted.’

Yesterday’s planning inquiry also looked at allocation of sites for gypsies and travellers, which Mr Hogger was satisfied with.

The afternoon session heard from Roger Daniels, from Pegasus Planning, on behalf of the owners of land east of Newgate Lane.

He argued that now would be the time to look into developing that land due to the new Newgate Lane South road and Stubbington bypass being pursued by Hampshire County Council.

Mr Hogger will consider the plan before making a decision in the spring next year.