Jac candidates stand at election to fight against corruption

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The Justice & Anti-Corruption (Jac) Party says it is standing in both Portsmouth seats in the general election to fight corruption.

Don Jerrard, co-founder of the Hampshire-based party, is a candidate for Portsmouth South, while Steven George is standing in the city’s north seat.

Jac was created in 2010 in reaction to the MPs’ expenses scandal. After a supporter and victim met Mr George in 2011, the JAC Party’s scope widened to support victims of sexual abuse of children and vulnerable adults.

The party evolved from being a loose collection of campaigners to being a team of people wanting to support victims and expose corruption of all types.

The party’s campaign manager, Stan Evans, said: ‘Don Jerrard, coming from a legal background and a family involved in local politics, has a long history of working pro bono for victims of corruption.

‘That was why Don stood as the Jac party’s candidate in the police and crime commissioner election in 2012 and has become the main spokesman for the party.

‘Steven George stands in particular for the most vulnerable, being a victim of abuse himself. He has experienced first-hand the impact of benefit cuts and lack of adequate healthcare. Steven has written a book on the subject of institutional abuse and has often spoken on the subject on national television.’

Mr Evans added: ‘The Jac Party supports the request by the Conservative and Labour leaders on Portsmouth City Council that there should be an independent investigation of the reasons why Hampshire police have taken no action in relation to the allegations of abuse of power by Mike Hancock despite the revelations in the Pascoe Report, paid for with taxpayers’ money.’