Jihadi John strike welcomed in Portsmouth

The Pentagon said it was not clear whether Jihadi John had been killed in the airstrike
The Pentagon said it was not clear whether Jihadi John had been killed in the airstrike
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A US drone strike on the British terrorist dubbed Jihadi John was welcomed in Portsmouth today.

US forces carried out an air strike targeting the Islamic State group militant, with early reports suggesting he was killed in the attack.

Mohammed Emwazi, the Kuwaiti-born British militant, rose to notoriety after he appeared in videos of the beheadings of Western hostages.

Portsmouth North MP and armed forces minister, Penny Mordaunt said this would send a clear message to terrorists.

‘This will be a blow to ISIL’s propaganda machine,’ she said.

‘But my first thoughts today are with the families of those he murdered.’

Likewise, Portsmouth City Council leader Cllr Donna Jones has welcomed the news.

Cllr Jones said: ‘The atrocities committed against western people who were beheaded and then published online were shocking.

‘They were atrocities that rocked the world and were attributed to Jihadi John.

‘The reports that he has been killed through an American airstrike is, for me, welcome news and is a great signal of the perceived importance of the relationship between Britain and America.

‘It shows that we are working hand in hand in the fight against terrorism across the globe.’

The airstrike targeted a vehicle travelling near Raqqa in Syria.

It is believed there was at least one other person in the vehicle when it was hit.

The UK government said it was ‘working hand in glove with the Americans’ to ‘hunt down those murdering hostages’.

However, they have yet to confirm the reports that Jihadi John was hit.

However, Portsmouth South MP Flick Drummond said that if the reports were confirmed, that it would be great news for the war against Islamic State.

‘What Jihadi John has done has been absolutely appalling,’ she told The News..

‘We’re going back to Medieval society with the actions they committed.

‘If the airstrike is confirmed then I am not surprised because we know that the intelligence services have made it a priority to hunt down these terrorists.’

She added: ‘The terrorists can run but they can’t hide.’

It’s understood that a drone was used in the attack, according to a US official quoted by the Associated Press.