Joy after tennis court is erected in Hambledon

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A VILLAGE now has a tennis court thanks to government funding.

Hambledon Village Tennis Court, in Hambledon, will be officially unveiled to the public on Sunday.

Hambledon Parish Council got the project going after being awarded £28,000 from Sport England last year.

The green tarmac court behind Hambledon Parish Church took six months to build and the finishing touches were made on Saturday.

Television presenter Fred Dinenage, who lives in Hambledon, will open the court at 12.30pm.

He will be joined by 101-year-old resident Ena Brown and local schoolboy Blake Hutchinson-Gates, five.

Parish councillor Tony Higham praised the development.

He said: ‘If you don’t give facilities to young people then what will end up happening is they will become more sedentary and get obese.

‘If you do something like this then they will get involved and bring their friends along and the whole thing mushrooms. It will help the village to help those who can’t get to tennis courts. There is no sufficient public transport to get them to the nearest ones.’