Judgment day for Fareham care home at centre of union campaign

Fareham Community Hospital in Salisbury Green

Picture: Paul Jacobs

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THE future of a council-run care home will be decided this week.

Councillor Felicity Hindson, who looks after adult social care in Hampshire, will consider the closure of Addenbrooke Care Home, in Willis Road, Gosport, at a meeting on Friday.

It follows 12 weeks of consultation with staff, residents and the public.

The home has 10 residents and 31 members of staff.

The council has said the home – along with another one in Winchester and a third in Fleet – is not suitable to accommodate the county’s growing ageing population.

As reported, trade union members and relatives of residents in the care home are fighting to keep it open.

Unison has described the council’s plans as ‘privatisation by the back door’.

Before Cllr Hindson makes her decision, she will be presented with the results of the consultation, which generated 95 written responses from across the three care homes affected.

Cllr Hindson said: ‘The care homes under review have significant problems as the buildings are not suitable to meet the needs of older people in the future.

‘Older people are coming into care at a later age, when they are more frail and often have dementia.

‘The £4.5m investment needed to carry out maintenance on the homes would not include upgrading them to modern standards.

‘Solving the problems of small rooms and corridors, which make them unsuitable for caring for people with higher levels of need, would require a major investment but would significantly reduce the number of rooms and leave them economically unviable.’

She added: ‘I will be examining the consultation results very carefully before coming to a decision.

‘I fully understand how unsettling and worrying this has been for the residents, their families and staff.

‘Before any decision is made I will need to be assured that suitable accommodation is available in close proximity.’