Knowle Village residents fear new town will spell their end

Greenfiled space between Knowle Village and the M27
Greenfiled space between Knowle Village and the M27
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PEOPLE living next to the site a proposed new town of up to 7,000 homes are worried it will swallow up their village.

Fareham Borough Council hosted an exhibition in Knowle Village as part of its consultation process for the new town, which will be built on green fields between Knowle, Wickham and north Fareham.

Those living in Knowle have largely opposed the plans, and had initially felt they were being ignored by Fareham as they live on Winchester City Council land on the edge of the intended site.

Sally Agass, 35, from Knowle Avenue in Knowle, said: ‘It is quite literally in our back yard – we moved here because we wanted to be in a village, and right now we have open fields at the back of our home. I’m not unsympathetic to the needs, but why do we need to put it all in one place?

‘There will be a negative impact on Knowle. I don’t think it will feel like a village any more when this is done.’

Terry Wedge, 62, also from Knowle Avenue, said: ‘People bought here because they wanted that village green and the whole village feel, and now it’s going to take that whole village aspect away – it’s going to be part of a sprawling metropolis.’

John Bradley, 68, of Park Lane in north Fareham added: ‘It’s crazy. It’s too big.

‘Where’s the evidence we need something this big?

‘With all the other developments going on, this is moving towards merging Southampton and Portsmouth by default.’

But Xavier Kingsland of Donigers Dell in Swanmore said: ‘We have to have development, and we have got to embrace it, but hopefully in the way that has the least amount of impact.

‘They have got a real chance here to grasp the nettle of how to provide water and energy as well.’

The exhibition makes its last stop today at Wickham Community Centre from 4pm to 7pm. More information is at