Labour campaign launch looks at winning back seats from Ukip

John Ferrett, Maurice Glasman and Sue Castillon
John Ferrett, Maurice Glasman and Sue Castillon
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HOW to win back seats lost to Ukip was one of the plans spoken about at Labour’s election campaign launch.

Speaker Lord Maurice Glasman, Labour life peer in the House of Lords, led the election launch at the Blue Lagoon, Hilsea last night and outlined the party’s plans for the general and local elections on May 7.

He spoke about winning back votes from Ukip, after Labour lost one of its Paulsgrove council seats to the party last May, as well as backing John Ferrett and Sue Castillon, Labour’s prospective parliamentaty candidates for Portsmouth North and Portsmouth South respectively.

Lord Glasman said: ‘It was exciting to be back in Portsmouth after a couple of years away from the city. I wanted to show my support to John Ferrett and Sue Castillon.

‘I really support them and what they want to do for Portsmouth. Voters have people in John and Sue who really love the city. They know what normal people go through unlike other parties who have Oxbridge graduates representing them.’

Mr Ferrett, who also represents Paulsgrove as a Portsmouth city councillor, said: ‘Part of Maurice’s talk was about winning back seats from Ukip.

‘We want to understand what it takes to win back the Labour voters and he can help us with that.’

Ms Castillon is standing in her first general election.

She added: ‘I am feeling good about the campaign.

‘It is really helpful having Maurice here and it was very important to have him as our speaker at the launch.’