Labour group apologises after woman pays £1.50 for a free party letter

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A POSTAL mix-up meant a woman paid £1.50 for a free Portsmouth Labour Party letter.

Karen Angus, from Munster Road, North End, said she received three cards through her door stating letters sent to the address did not have the correct postage paid for them.

Mrs Angus, whose husband Paul and son Michael also received cards, said he paid £1.50 for one of the letters at a Royal Mail depot and was stunned to find it was a letter to constituents from Ken Ferrett – the Labour councillor for the Nelson ward.

Bizarrely, she said the letter had a Dorset postage mark.

Mrs Angus told The News: ‘I am waiting for a wallet I ordered from eBay and I thought it was that.

‘I cannot believe I wasted £1.50 on this.’

Portsmouth Labour group chairman Cllr John Ferrett said it’s likely the letters were hand delivered to the wrong address and put back into a post box to be resent.

He said: ‘I cannot say it’s happened before.

‘It’s a very unfortunate situation for her to collect and pay for something that should’ve been put through her door without any cost.

‘If it goes back into the post box who knows what sorting office it goes to.

‘We would want to reimburse them and apologise to them for the inconvenience.’