Last hurdle for proposed £1.3m site for travellers

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A PROPOSED £1.3m site for travellers is set to be approved.

Officers have recommended that councillors vote to approve the application for Chichester District Council’s Westhampnett depot.

A grant of £630,000 has already been offered from the Homes and Communities Agency to construct the site.

It has the support of the county council and all the other West Sussex district and borough councils, which would jointly finance it.

Police have also expressed support, with the creation of a site allowing them to use powers under the Criminal Justice Act to move on illegal encampments.

If traveller groups from anywhere in West Sussex refuse to go to the nine-pitch site at Westhampnett, they would have to leave the county or face arrest.

Westhampnett Parish Council has objected to the plan and a petition with more than 350 signatures has been handed in to Chichester council.

A decision will be made next Wednesday at a council planning meeting.