Lawyers battle to stop legal aid cuts hits Havant

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SOLICITORS took to the streets of Havant to raise awareness about the impact of proposed cuts to legal aid.

Free legal advice may no longer be available to some people under a government proposal to slash its budget by £350m.

It could see more people forced to represent themselves in the civil courts because they cannot afford a lawyer.

Swain & Co Solicitors, based in South Street, spoke to shoppers about the benefits of legal aid and to ask them to sign a petition to put a stop to the proposed cuts.

Graeme Swain, founding Partner of Swain & Co, said: ‘Cuts to free legal advice will leave the most vulnerable unsupported – over 650,000 people will lose out on vital help through cuts to legal aid.

‘People on low incomes and those with disabilities find themselves with no-one to turn to for specialist advice.

‘Firms like ours, which offer legal aid assistance for those facing criminal charges or going through family difficulties, for example, will be seriously affected.’